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SELF DEFENSE WORKSHOP (LEVEL 1) with B-Fit Founder, JOEY REID                  

Mr. Reid, a kung-fu Instructor of 21 years and martial arts practitioner of 31 years, has taken his experience in various martial arts and developed a functional system of self defense techniques and philosophy.  Using a blend of the simplest but most effective techniques, his workshops and classes are meant to instill courage, humility and compassion while training a set of physical reflexes that are crucial for survival.

The function of this seminar is to teach the most effective means of defending against some of the more common types of attacks. This is a basics level seminar and so it is open to everyone, you do not need to have any background in martial arts nor do you need to have a high level of fitness. All ages are welcome.

Some of what you will be learning in this seminar:

The Five Ways of Attack

What made Bruce Lee famous was his flare, but what made him a legend in the martial arts world was his analytical mind. The allure of many martial arts is the mystery; the idea of being passed along secrets from a traceable lineage of martial artists. This secretive practice of older generations of martial artists has acted like a very long game of broken telephone, allowing for loss of information and dilution of some of the practices. Very little history has been recorded of the hundreds of years of the study of movement we call martial arts. Lucky for us, some of the masters decided to write down the theories and describe the movements of their systems to help all martial artists understand the mechanics of fighting. The Five Ways of Attack, is Bruce Lee’s concise summary of how to initiate a strike.

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