• Stop and Listen – your body is telling you exactly how to maximize your workouts

    Your body is constantly feeding you information and one of the best ways to get results from a nutritional and exercise program is to listen. well, Listen and monitor.

  • Cumulative training – Example Program

    A highly effective program for unusually busy people

  • Killer Countdown Workout

    This workout is meant to be quick but brutal.  The countdown method ensures that you push yourself each and every time you repeat it, which inspires new motivation week after week.

  • The Myotatic Crunch

    I love this exercise it is one of the best abdominal specific exercises out there. If you were looking for a new exercise to add to your routine, this is the one! Here is how to perform one:… Read More

  • No Weight Workout

    Did a fairly intense body weight workout yesterday. The exercises we’re all pretty simple but with short breaks in between, it made for a fulfilling exercise day! This is how it went…

  • Houdini Workout

    Take a punch like Houdini! Today’s workout is a cardio and abdominal focused program.  I am posting skip rope as the cardio exercise but you can do jumping jacks, high knees, sprinting in place, etc. Because we are… Read More

  • In twos workout!

    This workout is interval based so you will need a stop watch or interval timer.  It is quite difficult but you can adjust the difficulty by increasing the break period or decreasing the exercise period.  If you’re up… Read More

  • “Try and Resist” workout

    Today’s workout is simple and quick but will keep your heart going and work some major muscle groups.  All you need is a skipping rope, medicine ball and a resistance band.  You can replace the skipping with jumping… Read More

  • ‘Killer core’ workout

    Today’s workout is a back, chest and core program.  This is a great low impact workout to do the day after an intense cardio or leg based routine. 

  • Okay, Today's workout is not a beginners workout but you can adapt it by lessening the exercise intervals and extending the break intervals.

    “Ultimate Cardio” workout

    Okay, Today’s workout is not a beginners workout but you can adapt it by lessening the exercise intervals and extending the break intervals. 

  • ‘Jump around’ workout

    Today’s workout is short and sweet but if you are able to complete it with little to no breaks, it will result in a full body workout that will kick your butt!  Good luck and have fun!

  • ‘Knockout’ workout

    Today’s workout is a killer cardio and core based routine but you will feel in your whole body the next day!  And it will only take about 28 minutes!  You may want to do a few minutes of warm up… Read More

  • 500 Rep Challenge

    Today’s workout is a great challenge, We gave similar programs to a few of our clients this week and everyone loved it.  The idea is to finish all the exercises as quickly as possible but without losing form. … Read More

  • Today’s ‘To the core’ workout

      Today’s workout is a core heavy workout, we will incorporate a bunch of cardio intensive movements, some of which are also functional core exercises.  We will be mixing and matching intervals with reps, but the maximum break… Read More

  • ‘Intervals 1’ Workout

    Today’s workout is an interval training routine.  Like all of the workouts we will be posting here, it requires very little in the way of gear, so that everyone, with a minimal investment can choose to do these… Read More

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