Self Defense


Classes will consist of conditioning exercises and applications/drills.  The applications we teach are efficient and effective movements for the most common types of confrontation.

We begin by giving you tools to assess confrontations in different scenarios, to become better aware of your surroundings and to keep calm during conflict. Using simple techniques we teach how to create space in order to bide time or to make room to escape. You will learn how to strike properly, what the most effective targets are as well as the simplest maneuvers to escape grabs, chokes, bear hugs, and grappling techniques. We want to build quick reflexes for common attacks and so repetition is our biggest tool. We will create the proper responses by learning effective techniques and practicing them over and over.

Each group of classes focuses on a certain skill level. As you progress you will learn more complicated techniques as well as defensive movements for more dangerous scenarios, such as those with weapons.

These classes are open to everyone from ages 12 and up and NO experience in martial arts is necessary!  We will improve your balance, stamina, physical strength and agility by borrowing training exercises from multiple martial arts styles.

Each class is roughly an hour in length and will be no larger than 10 people to maximize 1 on 1 training time.


Location : 4060 St. Laurent Blvd. 2nd floor suite 106

Time : TBD

Rates: Each session is 10 classes.  The session is 175$

Call or e-mail to register – Joey – or 514-730-6764

TESTIMONIAL – “I signed up for Joeys 20 Session Self -Defense this summer. Being a frequent traveler and a victim of an attack, this was exactly what i was looking for. Scheduling was very accommodating and price well worth it. Joeys experienced teaching style was approachable and effective. He provided me with notes to take home after every few sessions. I am now more equipped than i predicted and highly interested in continuing his next phase of self defense. For practical and effective self defense, I highly recommend this class!!” – L. Timmins


Private sessions are open to everyone from age 13 and up.

Pa Kua – An internal style of Kung Fu, based on the philosophy of constant change. Pa Kua, like Tai Chi, has both martial merit and health benefits.  Like traditional practice, we will build strength in the body in preparation for application and form efficacy as well as strengthen the mind to work with the body in mastering the Chi.  The complex system and unique, circular based movement patterns require a lot practice but provide a great way to increase strength, balance, focus and agility.  Almost Immediately after it was conceived, Pa Kua was highly regarded for its effectiveness in battle and was used predominantly by royal body guards.

Self Defense – Learn simple, efficient techniques to defend yourself against the most common attacks; multiple attackers and weapon defense. Fine tune your movements to double your striking power and learn the art of deflection rather than force on force defensive techniques. Conditioning movements are included to improve strength, balance and discipline.

Martial Conditioning – Conditioning classes (general fitness) using a blend of boxing, kickboxing and old school Chinese conditioning movements to build strength and stamina.  Whole body workouts, with a focus on core strengthening  and cardiovascular improvements.

Rates: Private Sessions

1 class – 60$
10 classes – 530$
20 classes – 900$

We also offer Semi Private Training (2 people max) for those who wish to train with a partner or friend.

Rates – Semi Private

1 class – 35$ each

10 classes – 300$

20 classes – 450$

For long term training or for people looking to dedicate themselves to multiple sessions per week, please contact us for different price arrangements.


4060 St. Laurent blvd. Suite 106



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