Prenatal & Postnatal Fitness


Our prenatal fitness classes focus on deep core training to improve posture and stability, preparing your body for the baby’s weight.  Flexibility, low impact cardio and resistance training will increase your strength and endurance for your pregnancy, labor and beyond.  Relaxation techniques will also give you the power to control anxiety and be ready for every new experience.  While we do not focus on weight control, our programs are developed in order to maintain healthy weight gain during pregnancy.

Private training available. Contact us for information on group sessions as they are not always in session..



Our postnatal training focuses on individual needs. If, for instance, some thinning of the tissue in the abdominal wall, prolapse or pelvic floor weakening has occurred, we begin with rehabilitation exercises to help strengthen the transversus abdominus and pelvic floor muscles. Strengthening the stability of the deep core while promoting elasticity and relaxation methods can greatly speed up the healing process.

We will also.tackle excess baby weight with high intensity intervals, sprints and moderate resistance training.

If you are recovering from a C section, we have a carefully developed program that can begin once you are ready to move about and are cleared by your doctor to exercise. Contact us once you have returned home from the hospital and we can even send you a starter program that is very low impact and simply designed to maintain some mobility and minimize muscle atrophy as you recover and let the stitches heal.

We will also strengthen loose joints and ligaments and work on reconnecting with the pelvic floor to counterbalance any postpartum complications

Private and semi private training is available.



This being my first pregnancy, I was busy adjusting to all the changes and learning as much as I could as it progressed. After communicating with Joey via email for the first time, I already knew I was in excellent hands. What really impressed me about him was his level of training, knowledge and sincere passion for his job.
What I enjoyed the most about our sessions was the knowledge I acquired about health and the importance of being active during pregnancy. I also really appreciated that Joey explained how each exercise will benefit you: be it during your pregnancy (posture, reduce back pains, pelvic muscles to not pee when you laugh!), during labour (muscles to help you push and control delivery) and even after (ensuring you develop the right muscles “traps!” to carry a baby)! His work out routines are tailor made to your fitness level and goals and that made it really enjoyable.
I have to say, Joey’s training played an incremental role in the success of my son’s birth. I chose to give birth naturally with the support of a midwife and ended up giving birth in the comfort and security of our home without any complications. Knowing that Joey had witnessed a positive correlation between fitness and “good” births through his clients truly inspired me to stay active. I firmly believe I was given the right tools to be able to persevere through the birth process naturally.
Joey is an incredible trainer, he is approachable, easy to get along with and very professional. It makes a world of difference to be around someone who loves his job, Joey’s passion for prenatal fitness definitely sets him apart from the rest. I highly recommend his courses!
– Teedah Hammer
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