Personal training

Personal training is not just for athletes, the wealthy  or for those with special needs.  Our clients come from various fitness backgrounds with a number of different goals.  We have helped people train through a number of issues, including:

  • Losing the last 5-10 lbs
  • Significant weight loss – 20 lbs to extreme obesity
  • Increasing cardiovascular strength
  • Sport performance (golf, hockey, sprinting, climbing, football, speed skating, etc)
  • Size and strength conditioning
  • General fitness
  • Martial arts conditioning
  • Balance improvement
  • Prenatal fitness
  • Postnatal recovery training (abdominal and pelvic rebuilding)
  • Postnatal fitness and weight loss
  • Fertility fitness
  • Range-of-motion improvement and strengthening
  • Rehab training for people with knee, hip, ankle, lower back and shoulder problems
  • Specialized training for diabetics
  • Specialized training for crohn’s, etc!

Whether you have been training by yourself for years or are completely new to exercise, personalized training programs can help you get past a plateau in your routine or ease you into exercising in a safe way.

A smart program should address your short term goals in a safe and efficient manner but with the intention of evolving.  No matter how much training experience you have and regardless of your fitness goals, there are always ways to have your program evolve so that you can constantly and seamlessly be productive in your training.  Too often, people forget their original goals and become complacent in their training, content with the simple stimulation of going through the motions.  Having a personal trainer is crucial in making sure you avoid this,  and go beyond reaching your original goals.

Private and semi private training is also great for those who need a little extra incentive to keep their eye on the prize.  Training with a friend or two can really help by making you more driven to show up and perform hard; competition and comradery are great motivating tools! We try and help each of our clients develop motivation to carry on healthy habits for a lifetime.

We try to inspire during our sessions as well as throughout the day via our blog, twitter page, facebook page, e-mail updates, etc.   We try and lead by example by providing our own fitness journals as well as supplying our own motivational tools and tricks.

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