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One on one training works for a reason. A few reasons, actually

The biggest challenge in maintaining a fitness routine is holding on to motivation. We all have moments that spark our interest and get us started but keeping the drive going is a bigger challenge than the physical work itself. This is why people like me have a job.

Accountability is one thing: when we have someone to answer to other than ourselves, it can help keep you dedicated to your routine. We are not our own best coach because we are susceptible to every other moment of the day that may wear down our ability to keep focus on goals. This is normal, we are all at the mercy of the chaos that can be our lives.

Even more important than simple accountability though, is the relationship that you develop with the person you are accountable to. Inherent motivation is learned, and a good partnership between trainee and trainer should help cultivate motivation from accountability. Motivation and consistency are born from reasonable challenge and dedication but also from joy. The right trainer and the right program can help you find this in your workouts.

Subscription Information

Monthly payment – 199$

  • This pays for the first month – evaluation, detailed questionnaire, photo analysis, medical records assessment (if necessary), as well as the first months training program(s) and weekly monitoring.
  • This pays for the monthly program design, journal and progress assessment as well as occasional skype sessions.. Joey is available any time for questions and will respond via e-mail within 24 hours. This is very much a hands on training program. The monthly fee will is auto-billed to your credit card and can be cancelled at anytime via email request.

Nutritional program – OPTIONAL

  • If you choose to add a nutritional program component to your training, we will add 100$ to your first months payment and 50$ for any additional monthly payment.

If you would like to begin Online Personal Training with Joey, please contact us for any questions you may have and let us know a bit about what your goals are and what kind of routine you are currently following, if any.

What to expect from our programs

The number of programs you receive depends on your goals and time commitment we decide on but you may get upwards of 5 different workouts a week. The workouts are designed around your personal evaluation and goals. We also take into consideration the equipment you have access to. If need be we can work around no/limited equipment.

You will have detailed explanations of each exercise with links to video instruction to make sure each one is completed properly.

Nutritional plans will include a daily meal plan that is in tune with your goals, matched your training program and takes into consideration any dietary restrictions. we have designed meal plans for vegans, pescatarians, vegetarians and carnivores. Supplement suggestions are also included.

Weekly check-ins are included. So we suggest you begin a food/mood/sleep and training journal so that we can monitor anything that may change throughout the week including energy levels, sleeping patterns and mood fluctuations. Every piece of information is important!

To sign up or if you have any questions contact us at

A word from Joey – The single most important thing I have learned as a fitness trainer and martial arts instructor over the last 15 years is that every training program has a psychological element to it. Every individual reacts to challenges in different ways and understanding this is the key to helping people realize goals and learn to self motivate.

“I started training with Joey about a year and a half ago after being told by several doctors that I would have to struggle with back and knee pain for the rest of my life and there was not much that could be done. We started extremely slowly with very low impact exercises. Today I exercise 7-9 times a week and have never felt better. I have seen slow but constant improvements and am now able to do things I never dreamt I could. I could not have done this without his guidance and support and my progress is a true testament to his skills and experience. I highly recommend him!”

S. Speyrow

I am lucky enough to have clients who have been with me for almost 10 years, not because they are not capable of training themselves at this point but because the relationship that builds makes us both stronger and even more dedicated to our goals. Whether someone trains with me for a month or for a decade, I always strive to build a trusting bond between myself and each client.

Another big challenge to maintaining a fitness routine is the amount of time it can take in researching good programs, and figuring out how a program should evolve to keep challenging yourself. The sheer amount of information you need to sift through, a lot of which is garbage, is enough to let the gym membership card collect dust in your drawer. The solution is to let someone do this work for you.

Joey devotes a lot of time to each client, through the evaluation process, program design, weekly monitoring and consistent reevaluations and program evolution. Due to the acute attention to detail, he is limited to how many people he can take on at once. See the top of the page for notices of openings or waiting list registry.



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