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We have been providing In-Home Personal Training in Montreal for over 8 years. We have tried and true program designs and experienced, dynamic and motivating trainers to keep you moving forward.Using a blend of Athletics training; sprints, plyometrics, calisthenics and strength conditioning along with our “slow progressive” nutritional plans, we have successfully met our clients’ goals time after time.

We are  a nerdy bunch and make it a habit to keep up on current research and training advances. We encourage want efficiency in our programs and so we start with what works, based on science and our experience!

In addition to strength & conditioning and athletics, founder and principal trainer, Joey Reid has specialized in prenatal, postnatal and fertility fitness. Joey and the B-Fit trainers can help you with an assortment of fitness related goals including:

weight loss
muscle building/”toning”
prenatal fitness – safe weight management, pelvic floor, lower back and postural strengthening, etc.
postnatal fitness – abdominal restructuring, weight loss & pelvic floor strengthening
fertility fitness – specific exercise and lifestyle management to enhance fertility
general fitness enhancement – cardiovascular, flexibility, balance, power and overall muscular strengthening
self defense and martial conditioning
sport performance improvement


Testimonial –

“It can be so hard to be motivated when you are working full-time and have a busy life, having Joey there helped me carve out the time for myself. Making myself a priority was the best decision I could have ever made! I look better, sleep better, and feel better- thank you so much!”

– L. McConomy
Our Philosophy
We pride ourselves on a holistic approach to fitness and also offer complete nutrition and stress management programs for those who are interested. Our programs work because they focus on rebuilding homeostasis within the body. By optimizing your hormonal balance not only can you lose weight or build muscle but you will also prime your body to fight illness and increase your longevity. (Have you been dieting for years, unable to lose weight or gain lean muscle mass? Chances are your hormones are out of balance and low calorie dieting will no longer have an effect).

Little space is needed to run through a program, we can usually work around any accommodations as well as help design programs for when you are on the road for work or vacation. The equipment we use will depend on your goals, and what kind of space we are dealing with. You have the choice of making a small investment in some small,portable, pieces or we can provide what is necessary for each session.

RATES – vary depending on location but are normally between 50-75$/hr.


WHERE WE CAN TRAVEL TO –  we have trainers available in Montreal and its boroughs, as well as the South Shore and Laval.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Joey and the B-Fit team

6 Comments on “In Home Personal Training

  1. Looking for an in-home trainer during daytime hours (7-5:30) for my home office in Baie D’Urfe. Weight loss and basic conditioning are my goals, that and to be forced to step away from my desk a few hours a week!

  2. looking for a personal trainer in ville st-laurent .thanks

  3. Hi there! We tried sending you an email, not sure if you got it. If you are still looking for a trainer in st-laurent, let me know at Take care!

  4. I’m on maternity leave and am looking to lose 60 pounds as quickly as possible. Thx!?

  5. Hi, I live in the mile end and am looking for a home trainer. Thanks

  6. Hi Ghassan. Sorry for the long delay! I don’t get notifications for comments on our pages directly for some reason.
    If you are still looking for a trainer, let me know via e-mail at
    Kind regards


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