Fertility Fitness / Hormone Optimization Program


Over the last several years we have been developing a lifestyle plan that’s purpose is to optimize hormonal balance in order to maximize potential fertility in couples. Our program is comprehensive in that it covers all bases of life; sleep, nutrition, exercise, stress management, and toxin elimination. We address issues for both men and women and though it is still a developing field in the exercise and health science world, we have seen many positive results with our clients.

Our program is am effective way of maximizing fertility as naturally as possible but In many cases we work with clients who are also using other alternative fertility therapies, such as In Vitro Fertilization or Intrauterine Insemination. Our program is can and has worked in tandem with these treatments. Whether you are attempting to conceive naturally or with the help of medical treatment, the probability of success always improves when you are at your healthiest.

Our programs are based on scientific research. We use data on effective changes to nutrition, exercise, stress and sleep patterns that have shown to stabilize hormone patterns.

Every individual or couple’s situation is unique and so we begin with a consultation session. If interested in this, we will send you a detailed questionnaire which you may fill out and send back to us prior to our meeting. A physical evaluation follows to test for cardiovascular health, stability, mobility, balance, strength and flexibility. We want a full overview of where you are at physically as well as mentally.

The program is meant to last from 12-24 weeks but can be followed for as long as you would like as it is simply a hormone and health maximizing plan. Many of our clients begin 3-6 months prior to pregnancy and continue through with prenatal and postnatal programs. As in all of our fitness programs,our main objective is longevity and balancing your hormones will do just this.

If you want to maximize fertility, both in females and males, it all comes down to hormone balance. This can mean as little as dropping a bit of body fat, gaining a bit of muscle or perhaps a complete lifestyle overhaul.

The fitness aspect of your program depends on the results of your consultation. Most times, a medium to light regime is developed to improve blood circulation, moderate weight, build some lean muscle mass, increase efficiency with blood sugar transportation, work on flexibility and reduce stress. Sometimes a more intense routine is designed when weight management needs to be more of focus.

As in any health and fitness program, nutrition is key.  Many fertility issues can be helped with specific changes to diet, we will look at your eating habits and design the best whole food and supplement program to work with your exercise routine.

Rates –

Consultation 75$ – 60-90 minutes in length

Training – rates depend on the individual program, how often you would like to train with us per week. please contact us for more details.


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