Today’s workout is a core heavy workout, we will incorporate a bunch of cardio intensive movements, some of which are also functional core exercises.  We will be mixing and matching intervals with reps, but the maximum break between each exercise should be no longer than 30 seconds.  Of course if you are just starting out, give yourself more time and do  as many reps as you can close to the amount given.  this circuit should be repeated 3-4 times depending on your fitness level.  Keep track of your reps for the time sensitive exercises so that you have a base line for reference the next time you do this workout, good luck everyone! Read More

Today’s workout is an interval training routine.  Like all of the workouts we will be posting here, it requires very little in the way of gear, so that everyone, with a minimal investment can choose to do these workouts from home or at the gym!

This and many of our future workouts will be time efficient and effective routines for weight loss, muscle toning/building and to improve cardiovascular strength.  They may seem very intense at first, but each program should be performed at your own pace while taking into considerations the principles of each workout that make it Read More

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