Psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi researches a phenomenon he has coined as “flow”. Flow is a state of performance, where the persons entire being is focused and energized, experiencing pure joy and actualization within the movement or a task. Flow is often harnessed by people who are performing activities that have clear goals and an evolving but reasonable rate of challenge.  Mountain climbers, surfers, chess players are amongst those who report feelings of flow.  They all have clear cut goals – reaching the peak, catching the wave and winning the game. By choosing the right mountain, wave and chess opponent, they know that the level of intensity is reasonable but still  challenging, requiring complete focus and yet keeping the goal attainable. How do we do this with exercise and with a goal for weight loss? We change our focus by changing our goal. Read More

Russian Olympic weight lifter David Rigert spent his career breaking Olympic records, 68 of them in total. His competing weight was between 200-220 lbs, with 4% body fat. This may seem like a particularly low body fat percentage for this sport, and it is, but not much lower than the average for the soviet national team.  Its not that low body fat percentage was a goal for these guys, it was simply a training effect from strength and power lifting. We can learn from this Read More

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