Lower back pain is incredibly common, it can range from sporadic discomfort to persistent disabling agony, but no matter how mild, it can make even the easiest of activities seem impossible. If you’re lucky, stretching, massage therapy and skeletal manipulation can offer some relief, but more often than not this is only temporary, as back pain has a tendency to return to haunt you another day.

I have had debilitating back pain before and while any kind of relief, no matter how temporary, was welcome at the time, it didn’t remove the sense of fragility that develops.  We can injure our backs in major accidents, but it can also happen simply by sneezing.  Once an injury happens or better yet, before it happens, we need to take measures in order to prevent it from reoccurring every time our allergy season starts! So, this is what I strive for with my clients; prevention rather than quick relief. Read More

Some of my clients have suffered through significant anxiety in anticipation of needing an emergency c section come delivery day.  Most of the anxiety seems to build around the thought of “losing their body”.  It’s true, a caeserian is a serious procedure.  Medicine has it down to an art, minimizing trauma, pain and risks but nevertheless, tissue must be cut and muscle must be repaired.  Barring any rare mishaps during the procedure or any post-surgery tearing,simply resting should do the job. But there are a few things you can do to help rebuild muscle, elasticity and strength once the initial healing is done. Read More

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