Diastasis Recti is the tearing of tissue in your abdomen.  The torn tissue is the linea alba which holds together the rectus abdominus.  The Rectus abdominus is the wall of muscle in the front of your abdomen.  Actually, it as made of two walls of muscle, or columns, held together by a zipper-like tissue, these columns are what form your “six pack”. Read More

We need to change the way we eat, not just what we eat but the reasons behind eating it as well.  North Americans tend to treat food as fuel, which it is, but it has other functions as well; it can help rebuild tissue, balance hormones, promote brain function, and prevent or fight disease.  We need to provide nourishment and bolster regular body functioning as well as provide energy to our bodies and we will see how this means looking beyond fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Read More

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