There is some evidence that Carrageenan, an ingredient often found in store bought almond milk, as well as other processed foods, laxatives, medications and even certain toothpastes may produce an inflammatory response in the intestines. Some researchers even report it as a possible carcinogen.

As of yet the majority of the research has been limited to animal studies. But a review of these studies raises major concerns of the potentially harm this common food additive can have. It is important to note that the effects differ significantly between species but that some of these harmful effects include intestinal inflammation, lesions, ulcerations and malignant tumors. Read More

I’m writing this post at the request of some of my clients. The hard truth is that most women will have to live with the appearance of cellulite. Its up to us to change our views on how we see it and try to stop judging people for having something that is quite simply, inevitable. That said, having a lot of cellulite can be a sign of imbalances within our bodies and this is a post on how to deal with it. Read More

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