We are a semi private fitness studio looking to create an encouraging environment for anyone who may need adaptive training. Most gyms have environments that are less than inviting for anyone who may feel a bit unsure about what they can do or how they look doing it. We want to create the opposite atmosphere.

Whether you are living with a congenital disability, movement impairment due to accident or physical trauma from battle we want to help you find ways to move and improve your general fitness!

For many people, once rehabilitation is finished or has established minimal functional movement, that outlet for exercise is gone and it becomes more difficult to find ways to keep moving. Like anyone else, you should be able to find and enjoy peak physical ability. Exercise is as much about expelling energy, setting physical and mental challenges and creating community as it is about getting fit. Everyone deserves to have a space to do all of these things.

If you are looking to train for the Paralympics, we would love to help you maximize your mobility, stability and strength for whatever sport you compete in. But make no mistake, this gym is open to everyone, no matter the aspirations.

We also welcome anyone who is blind or has vision impairment. We will help guide you through the movements and through the challenges like we would any other client.

While we are a For Profit business at the moment, we want to make these programs available to as many people as possible so we work on a sliding scale. Please contact us to get more details on how this works.

Group classes will be set up as soon as we have enough interest for them. Let us know if you are interested and we will begin to set up a schedule.

We really look forward to meeting with you!

Joey Reid & the B-Fit team

Contact info

Joey@b-fitstudio.com   /   514-730-6764

When trying to lose weight one of the first questions we ask is – what should we be take away from our diet? But maybe we should be asking what we can add to it, or better yet: what is missing?

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