Todays food and workout

So, I ended up getting some B12 supplements today.  Swiss brand 1000 micrograms, i’ll probably take one every few days unless my tongue starts to itch or, well, something more serious.

I already wrote this post in quite some detail and it was erased, so you’re going to get the point form version now. Read More

Getting Your B12

Vitamin b12 deficiency may be a real concern for vegans and can cause an array of symptoms, varying in severity.

It’s not so much that all vegans are at risk but that those who are affected may have severe symptoms.  From what I have reviewed it seems like the risk may be exaggerated but if you suffer any warning signs, take steps to figure it out!  A simple test can determine whether you are deficient as well as whether you have absorption problems or not.  If you have absorption problems, you will have to consider injections in order to get this vitamin. Read More

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