Not only have the majority of my clients tried one of the many low carb focused diets, such as the Atkins diet, South Beach or The Zone, but a lot of the trainers I know limit their carbs to a dangerous point as well.   I eat a lot of carbohydrates and have no problems maintaining my weight.  This is partially because of my activity level and partially because my body reacts well to the kind of diet I have, but there is no reason why most people should be eliminating so many carbs. Read More

Week 6 – Vegan Fitness Project!

So, I’m 6 weeks in to eating vegan.  It’s only the beginning still but I continue to feel better and am really starting to adjust my diet properly to allow for a balanced amount of proteins, healthy fats and nutrient dense carbohydrates.

I am waking up earlier and faster, my energy levels seem to last all day unless I have a particularly short sleep.  I am also finding that I don’t need to eat as often.  The majority of my meals are so full of nutrients and healthy fats, that I no longer feel the need to eat the 5-6 times per day – the way a lot of nutritionists and trainers prescribe.  I will get into more detail about this in a later post but, I am really starting to rethink what healthy eating is while training often.  Read More

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