We are focusing on building what we consider ‘true strength’, the ability to master your own body weight. We use High Intensity Interval Training, Circuit Training and Countdown workouts so that while the intensity level is high, the workouts can be easily adaptable to your fitness level.

The class setting is one of encouragement, friendly competition, and comradery.  No judgement here, we are all at different ages and levels of fitness and that is fine. This kind of setting motivates all of us to perform at our best and it encourages a transition to self motivation, something that will keep us healthy for a lifetime. Read More


1lb per week is the standard healthy rate to lose weight. Can you lose more than that? Absolutely, especially if you have a lot to lose, but it requires drastic changes to lifestyle. I’m all for making big changes, but the rate of change should be reasonable, and so, when it comes to weight loss I try to keep my clients at the 1lb per week average.  This realistic guideline tends to keep people on track for the long haul and can translate into lifelong changes in behavior.

Overall weight is a very simple way to look at the complex process of body re-composition, there are so many other things that can and should be used to monitor progress and keep motivation high. If you are on a weight loss program you should be evaluating your Fat %, water%, and lean body mass %. You should also be taking measurements of you biceps, waist, hips, and mid thigh. This should really be the bare minimum, it gives a much more complete picture of how your body is changing. When the overall weight number plateaus for a few weeks it can really put a damper on motivation to continue with your workout and nutritional program. This is a real shame, because while your total body weight might not be changing, you may have lost inches around your waist and hips, while gaining lean body mass. These are amazing accomplishments and should be noticed and rewarded with bolstering inspiration, and high fives. Read More

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