Week 6 – Vegan Fitness Project!

So, I’m 6 weeks in to eating vegan.  It’s only the beginning still but I continue to feel better and am really starting to adjust my diet properly to allow for a balanced amount of proteins, healthy fats and nutrient dense carbohydrates.

I am waking up earlier and faster, my energy levels seem to last all day unless I have a particularly short sleep.  I am also finding that I don’t need to eat as often.  The majority of my meals are so full of nutrients and healthy fats, that I no longer feel the need to eat the 5-6 times per day – the way a lot of nutritionists and trainers prescribe.  I will get into more detail about this in a later post but, I am really starting to rethink what healthy eating is while training often.  Read More

So, I just got back from a weekend in Toronto with some friends.  I was expecting this trip to be a challenge when it came to finding vegan options for every meal.  Eating out is definitely the thing I find the most difficult so far and when you’re away, eating out tends to be a regular thing.  Thankfully, we were staying in a pretty trendy neighborhood and a number of restaurants within walking distance had vegan and vegetarian options.  Read More

Protein content in Vegetables

The first thing most people ask when I tell them I have started eating vegan is “how are you getting your protein?”.  It is surprising just how little we know about food……..I guess I don’t mean that.  It’s not surprising at all.

For most of us, we learned about the 4 food groups in preschool or elementary school, what they were, where they come from and how many servings we were supposed to have every day.  Milk and dairy were good for bone growth, meat for muscle growth, fruits and vegetables to get our vitamins and minerals and grains for fiber: an over simplified and incomplete explanation, even for children. Read More

What is Eating Clean?

Eating “clean” has a few simple principles behind it, with small differences depending on who you talk to.   Actually the main differences I have found from one source to the next is just the preciseness that one follows the essential principles.

Here are the mane tenets of this way of eating:

– avoid processed foods

– eat often, and smaller meals (5-6x/day or every3-4 hours)

– avoid or eliminate alcohol

– eliminate refined sugar

– eat lean proteins

– avoid colas and juices

– avoid saturated and trans fats

– eat fresh fruits and vegetables Read More

Broccoli, Apple and Peanut Soup

Got a new recipe for you from our friends at! Tonight we are still chowing down on our veggie burritos but tomorrow night we will be making this Broccoli, apple and peanut soup! Sure to be delicious, definitely nutritious and completely vegan.

Here is a link to the recipe:

Enjoy! Please let us know if you try it!

If you want to be updated by vegkitchens recipes via facebook, here is their page:


Tomorrow I will define what EATING CLEAN is.  Its not necessarily a vegan way of eating, but as I have already discovered, it is easily possible to be vegan and not “eat clean”.  This is a necessary distinction for my purposes in this project and though I will be trying some products that arent considered clean, I am doing so to explore peoples options in transition from non vegan to vegan. Its not always easy, and sometimes, some of the meat and dairy mimicking products can ease the way.



Todays food and workout

So, I ended up getting some B12 supplements today.  Swiss brand 1000 micrograms, i’ll probably take one every few days unless my tongue starts to itch or, well, something more serious.

I already wrote this post in quite some detail and it was erased, so you’re going to get the point form version now. Read More

Getting Your B12

Vitamin b12 deficiency may be a real concern for vegans and can cause an array of symptoms, varying in severity.

It’s not so much that all vegans are at risk but that those who are affected may have severe symptoms.  From what I have reviewed it seems like the risk may be exaggerated but if you suffer any warning signs, take steps to figure it out!  A simple test can determine whether you are deficient as well as whether you have absorption problems or not.  If you have absorption problems, you will have to consider injections in order to get this vitamin. Read More

Vegan Fitness Project – Week 1

For the next 6 months I will be eating only plant based foods.  I will also be intensifying my training programs in an attempt to add to the growing, yet still sparse dialogue on the viability if being athletic and eating vegan.  When I say athletic, I simply mean leading a lifestyle within the ‘very active range’; training fairly intensely 4-6 times per week.

Read More

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