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Just about 10 weeks into my vegan fitness project and I am pretty satisfied with where my diet is right now.  I have found a dozen or so go-to recipes for fairly simple dinners that have a complete protein profile and are delicious and nutrient dense.  I have also found a couple of great on line sources for recipe ideas.  If necessary, I replace or remove any processed products meant used en lieu of meats or cheeses.  I’m still standing strong on not eating the majority of these product save for once in a while.

Here are a couple of the websites I go to for recipe ideas Read More

Vegan Butter Chicken

Indian food is by far my favorite.  My step mom is from Bangladesh and her mothers cooking blew my mind when I was a kid.  I’m a sucker for spicy dishes and her traditional cooking was very, very spicy.

Luckily for me, a lot of Indian recipes are vegetarian, most of which are easily altered into vegan dishes. Taking the butter and cream out of Indan cooking may affect the taste and consistency slightly, but the rewards are plentiful.  Many Indian spices have amazing nutritional properties, many ranking highly on lists of cancer fighting elements.  Some, like Turmeric, also rank amongst those spices touted as anti aging compounds.  In addition, a lot of traditional Indian recipes come with complete, or near complete protein profile.  This is all good news to me, and over the last 9 weeks I have been making a number of Indian style dinners at home, including a no butter, butter chicken.  Read More

Part 1 of this entry on carbohydrates, was a brief introduction into what carbohydrates are and how they function in our body.  A truly simplified version.  It is important to note that even though I emphasized the calories in vs. calories out theory for weight control, it really is more complicated than that.  Which some of the low carb diet authors will tell you too. Read More

Vegan Fitness Project week 8

So, it has been about 2 months now that I have been vegan.  I have yet to get my blood tests done, so as I can compare them a little further down the line.  But next week I should have time to do that.

I am still experimenting with different combinations of food to get an adequate amount of fats, protein and carbohydrates, and more importantly all the micronutrients necessary to function at peak levels. I previously stated that I was trying out a bunch of “alternative” products – i.e. meat and dairy alternatives, like burgers, cheese, sausages, etc –  to help ease the  transition.   I have stopped this.  There is very little nutrients in these products and is really no alternative to eating meat or dairy.  I would rather eat organic, grass finished, meat than eat these “alternatives”.   Read More

Vegan Protein Shakes To Start Your Day or Help You Recover

Hey Everyone!

I am still using the new version of the Vega Sport vegan protein powder (berry flavored), but I have tried a few others with different flavors.  You may need to try a few brands out before you find one that you like.  Not all of them mix as well as others, and sometimes the flavors are pretty strong.  You can mask the flavors by adding a bunch of stuff, but there are enough options out there that you will probably find one that suits your needs and taste buds.

Here are a few simple recipes that I liked.                             Read More

Not only have the majority of my clients tried one of the many low carb focused diets, such as the Atkins diet, South Beach or The Zone, but a lot of the trainers I know limit their carbs to a dangerous point as well.   I eat a lot of carbohydrates and have no problems maintaining my weight.  This is partially because of my activity level and partially because my body reacts well to the kind of diet I have, but there is no reason why most people should be eliminating so many carbs. Read More

Week 6 – Vegan Fitness Project!

So, I’m 6 weeks in to eating vegan.  It’s only the beginning still but I continue to feel better and am really starting to adjust my diet properly to allow for a balanced amount of proteins, healthy fats and nutrient dense carbohydrates.

I am waking up earlier and faster, my energy levels seem to last all day unless I have a particularly short sleep.  I am also finding that I don’t need to eat as often.  The majority of my meals are so full of nutrients and healthy fats, that I no longer feel the need to eat the 5-6 times per day – the way a lot of nutritionists and trainers prescribe.  I will get into more detail about this in a later post but, I am really starting to rethink what healthy eating is while training often.  Read More

So, I just got back from a weekend in Toronto with some friends.  I was expecting this trip to be a challenge when it came to finding vegan options for every meal.  Eating out is definitely the thing I find the most difficult so far and when you’re away, eating out tends to be a regular thing.  Thankfully, we were staying in a pretty trendy neighborhood and a number of restaurants within walking distance had vegan and vegetarian options.  Read More

Protein content in Vegetables

The first thing most people ask when I tell them I have started eating vegan is “how are you getting your protein?”.  It is surprising just how little we know about food……..I guess I don’t mean that.  It’s not surprising at all.

For most of us, we learned about the 4 food groups in preschool or elementary school, what they were, where they come from and how many servings we were supposed to have every day.  Milk and dairy were good for bone growth, meat for muscle growth, fruits and vegetables to get our vitamins and minerals and grains for fiber: an over simplified and incomplete explanation, even for children. Read More

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