In athletics, enhancing performance (legally) is an holistic approach. Strength coaches, sport coaches, psychologists, muscle and tissue therapists and team cohesion activities all play a role in building the the best athlete. The mind and body are recognized as having to be in sync for the best results. Why is it that the body, and indeed the mental health of an individual is not nurtured in the business world to help build a more focused and productive employee? Why do we not do this for ourselves if and when we want to maximize our efforts in building a business or helping one grow? Read More

The number 1 concern that our personal training clients have when they reach out to us is persistent motivation.

We know that you don’t always get what you wish for but you do get what you work for. We will help you reach your goals, as we have with all of our clients for the last 10 years. But the more important thing we can help you with is finding that innate motivation. We work to inspire lifestyle change that equates to longevity in health. You might only train with us for a month but we strive to give you the one tool that will keep you healthy for much longer.

We require very little space for our In-home training. All we need is a big enough space that you can lay down and stretch your limbs out without touching anything. Any equipment required we can provide for each session. If you have equipment we can incorporate it into our programs or your homework plans.

We can help you with any number of short or long term goals

  • Losing the last 5-10 lbs
  • Significant weight loss – 20 lbs to extreme obesity
  • Increasing cardiovascular strength
  • Sport performance (golf, hockey, sprinting, climbing, football, speed skating, etc)
  • Size and strength increase
  • General fitness
  • Martial arts conditioning
  • Balance improvement
  • Prenatal fitness
  • Postnatal recovery training (abdominal and pelvic rebuilding)
  • Postnatal fitness and weight loss
  • Fertility fitness
  • Range-of-motion improvement and strengthening
  • Rehab training for people with knee, hip, ankle, lower back and shoulder problems
  • Specialized training for diabetics
  • Specialized training for crohn’s, etc.



$35/session – In-Home training (or at work)

details – You must register before March 14th to receive the above discount.

  • this rate includes nutritional programming and weekly review
  • this rate also includes homework programs for when we are not there
  • every client must begin with an evaluation session (also $35)
  • benefit from our extreme nerdiness. We follow all the latest research on sport science and sport psychology. We always base our fitness and nutritional programs on what works, not on what is the current fad. Simplicity rules.

To set up an evaluation session contact us – or 514-730-6764


Looking forward to meeting you all!

Joey, Jesse and the B-Fit crew


Having “6 pack abs” is like the gold star of fitness training. Movies, fitness magazines, and clothing advertisements put pressure on us to reach for this seemingly unattainable goal. This used to be more so for men, but it blows my mind how many women are looking for the washboard look now. So many people walk into our studio wanting to do focus on “core” exercises so that they can look cut. We’ve become ab addicts. Read More

Every year we put on some promotions for the holiday season. Because there’s nothing like receiving a gift that requires you to sweat your butt off! Right?

Actually it’s become more and more popular and it is inspiring to see that more people seem focused on giving gifts of experiences, charity, or health betterment and less so on material goods. In fact, this has inspired us to do the same! We will still be offering discounted prices on our training but we are also going to give 10% of all profits made from new clients to the Montreal Children’s hospital. Read More

There is some evidence that Carrageenan, an ingredient often found in store bought almond milk, as well as other processed foods, laxatives, medications and even certain toothpastes may produce an inflammatory response in the intestines. Some researchers even report it as a possible carcinogen.

As of yet the majority of the research has been limited to animal studies. But a review of these studies raises major concerns of the potentially harm this common food additive can have. It is important to note that the effects differ significantly between species but that some of these harmful effects include intestinal inflammation, lesions, ulcerations and malignant tumors. Read More

I’m writing this post at the request of some of my clients. The hard truth is that most women will have to live with the appearance of cellulite. Its up to us to change our views on how we see it and try to stop judging people for having something that is quite simply, inevitable. That said, having a lot of cellulite can be a sign of imbalances within our bodies and this is a post on how to deal with it. Read More

What made Bruce Lee famous was his flare, but what made him a legend in the martial arts world was his analytical mind. The allure of many martial arts is the mystery; the idea of being passed along secrets from a traceable lineage of martial artists. This secretive practice of older generations of martial artists has acted like a very long game of broken telephone, allowing for loss of information and dilution of some of the practices. Very little history has been recorded of the hundreds of years of the study of movement we call martial arts. Lucky for us, some of the masters decided to write down the theories and describe the movements of their systems to help all martial artists understand the mechanics of fighting. The Five Ways of Attack, is Bruce Lee’s concise summary of how to initiate a strike. Read More

There is no such thing as human Draino, no juice or infused water that cleans our insides, gobbling up all impurities and making us new again.  Read More

Psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi researches a phenomenon he has coined as “flow”. Flow is a state of performance, where the persons entire being is focused and energized, experiencing pure joy and actualization within the movement or a task. Flow is often harnessed by people who are performing activities that have clear goals and an evolving but reasonable rate of challenge.  Mountain climbers, surfers, chess players are amongst those who report feelings of flow.  They all have clear cut goals – reaching the peak, catching the wave and winning the game. By choosing the right mountain, wave and chess opponent, they know that the level of intensity is reasonable but still  challenging, requiring complete focus and yet keeping the goal attainable. How do we do this with exercise and with a goal for weight loss? We change our focus by changing our goal. Read More

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