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Want to Stay Young? – Seek Struggle

In my opinion, If you want to grow old but maintain an agile, stable and strong body, youthful skin and a sharp mind; you have to struggle a little bit. or “make an effort.” In a way its about creating stress, but just the right amount.

I Always Have Time For You

I don’t write about this often, not out of shame or fear but mainly because I am not a professional in this area. There are a lot of people spewing advice about mental health that have no place doing so. Maybe it does some people good but I am all too aware of how it can also do harm. So, just for the record, the following is not advice, it is simply me waving a flag or shining a light for anyone out in the dark looking for a beacon. While this imay be posted to the public, it is really meant for the people around me. This is a personal post.



SELF DEFENSE WORKSHOP (LEVEL 1) with B-Fit Founder, JOEY REID                  

Mr. Reid, a kung-fu Instructor of 21 years and martial arts practitioner of 31 years, has taken his experience in various martial arts and developed a functional system of self defense techniques and philosophy.  Using a blend of the simplest but most effective techniques, his workshops and classes are meant to instill courage, humility and compassion while training a set of physical reflexes that are crucial for survival.

The function of this seminar is to teach the most effective means of defending against some of the more common types of attacks. This is a basics level seminar and so it is open to everyone, you do not need to have any background in martial arts nor do you need to have a high level of fitness. All ages are welcome.

Some of what you will be learning in this seminar:

Love & Inclusion: Good for Our Brains and Overall Health

So this is not exactly a post about fitness and nutrition but I went down a rabbit hole this week and this is what has come out of it…

There is a Hindu saying – The world is as we are. The world around us is a reflection of how we think of ourselves and how we behave.  Hatred is not borne from a loving heart.

The Only Way to Fix a Back Injury

If you’re reading this, chances are you are already suffering. Maybe you strained it shoveling snow, or trying to hold your kid as they flip flop through ‘stiff as a board’ and ‘dead weight’ modes. Or maybe you just sneezed and ruined your life. It can happen at any time, and more often than not it turns into something chronic. My best advice for back injuries is – don’t get one!

How To Put On Muscle And Stay Trim

You can lose fat and build or maintain muscle at the same time. In fact this is what happens the majority of time with the average person. If you are building muscle, then you are losing fat. The rate may be different and what you are eating will effect this heavily.

Closing the Gap – How to Fix Diastasis Recti Part 2

A ten to twenty minute, daily exercise regimen should suffice to augment the natural healing process. If the abdominal separation is the width of 2 fingers or more, this is what I consider level 2 diastasis. While a similar routine may be enough to heal it, I like to put emphasis on changing daily behaviors so as to really avoid putting unwanted stress on the tissues in between training sessions. If you’re going to spend an entire hour of your day jogging and then go eat a cheeseburger and fries…I mean, sure, have at it but the burger and fries basically undid all of your mind numbing, boring work running, and then some. Can you tell I love running?

Closing the Gap – How to fix Diastasis Recti – Part 1 of 2

I have written about this in the past but it still seems to be a topic that so many people are unaware of or not sure about, so it seems fit to have another go at it. First off, diastasis recti is not limited to women who are pregnant or just delivered a baby, men and non pregnant women can suffer from this as well. The information below can be applied to anyone but most people with diastasis recti are new mothers and so this post reads more specifically for them.

After 10 years of experience helping my clients recover from Diastasis recti I can tell you two things for certain. One is that, in almost all cases it is fixable using specific corrective exercises along with changing daily habits. And the other thing is that there is no one-size-fits-all program.

In Part 1 (of 2) I am going to answer a few of the most frequently asked questions I get from my clients. Part 2 will cover some habit changing tips as well as a few progressions of the more universally effective exercises.

The Anti-Diet – what to do If dieting has harmed your metabolism

If you have become resistant to weight loss, the things you used to do don’t work anymore chances are your metabolism is damaged.

Many of us have gone on diets throughout our lives, losing significant amounts of weight and then gaining it back. Every time this happens, if done quickly and improperly, your metabolism can slow. Studies on some contestants of The Biggest Loser have shown that most of them have gained back a lot of the weight. Sadly, even if they held on to the weight loss, many of these contestants have shown metabolic problems, lowering their daily potential caloric burn to as much as 700/day. At this point, weight loss is next to impossible.

Stop and Listen – your body is telling you exactly how to maximize your workouts

Your body is constantly feeding you information and one of the best ways to get results from a nutritional and exercise program is to listen.

I have a list of behaviors and sensations that I ask clients to monitor on a daily basis. Small things like if and when you hit a wall in the afternoon, or if you crave certain foods or when you fall asleep can say a lot about what your hormonal balance is like.

Food Should Be Boring – Wanna Get Healthy? Eat The Same Things

I keep saying this during conversations with clients, friends and strangers (pro tip – when you meet people while out for dinner or at a party, don’t tell them you’re a trainer unless you wanna hear their excuses for eating bad food in front of you. Ps – I don’t care, eat drink and be merry!). The conversation starts with how someone is trying to cut something out of their diet or is trying to eat better in general. We talk about what foods you can use to curb cravings or keep hunger at bay. By the end I always end up saying the same thing – food should be boring.

Cultivating Motivation Through Visualization

Though we speak of it more as an abstract quality, something inherent that we are either born with or not and subsequently unable to cultivate, I truly believe that motivation is a skill; something you can learn and practice to get better at.

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