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JOEY REID – Master Trainer & Founder of B-Fit Studio

Joey’s interest in movement and passion for strength, health and longevity comes from his martial arts background. He began studying karate at the age of 5 and over the last 32 years has delved head long into the art, philosophy and combat elements of several other martial arts. Now, a kung fu and self defense instructor of 20 years and Strength & conditioning coach of 12 years, Joey has tried to blend the holistic approach to health and movement from Eastern cultures with the most current, scientific and “functional” methods of Western world.

In 2007, Joey was certified as a prenatal/postnatal fitness specialist as well as a fertility fitness specialist. Over the last 11 years he has taken his holistic/scientific approach to health and fitness and expanded his knowledge to bring to his prenatal, postnatal and fertility clients. Dozens of successful pregnancies and quick, postnatal recoveries later, he is proud to be one of the very few people in Montreal specialized in this field of fitness. One of only a handful of people in Canada working as a fertility fitness professional, Joey hopes to bring more attention to the practice.

Over the last 10 years of strength and conditioning coaching, joey has studied extensively on rehabilitation methods for both back and knee injuries. A quarter of his clients now come to him for injury prevention or injury rehab training.

While every trainer at B-Fit caters to each client and their individual goals, Injuries aside, Joey likes to say their is only one goal…and that’s body re-composition. Weight loss, is never just weight loss, its also muscle gain, and vice versa. He has spent his career experimenting with (and writing about) nutritional programs that work the most effectively at making the biggest change in body composition. Joey has developed a slow, progressive approach to weight loss that has worked for many of his clients as well as many different programs for building muscle to various degrees. His self experimentation projects border on bizarre and extreme but always end with interesting information or at least entertaining stories.

Joeys favorite quote is from Samuel Beckett – “Ever tried. Ever Failed. No Matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

A good trainer is one who tries new things, accepts their mistakes and tries again. Joeys ultimate goal is to abide by this rule.


Ri Zhen Zhang – Junior Trainer

Sports have always been a part of my lifestyle. The positive energy and enthusiasm it has brought me is something that, as personal trainer, I try to put forth for my clients. I am certified by YMCA’s Individual Conditioning program and I incorporate functional training in workouts to make sure my clients understand how to perform exercises that benefit their goals. I focus on catering to individual needs and goals, from weight loss to people with heart conditions. In my spare time, I try to catch Montreal Canadiens games or shoot some hoops.






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  1. We’re located in the Plateau, near Duluth and St. Laurent blvd. But we also do In-home training all over the city

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