“I started seeing Joey about a year and a half ago after being told by several doctors that I would have to struggle with back and knee pain for the rest of my life and there was not much that could be done. We started extremely slowly 2 times per week with very low impact exercises. Today I exercise 7-9 times a week and have never felt better. I have a seen slow but constant improvements and am now able to do things I never dreamt I could. I could not have done this without his guidance and support and my progress is a true testament to his skills and experience. I highly recommend him!!!”

  • S. Speyrow

“I was introduced to Joey through my brothers, who gave me several training sessions with Joey as a gift in the hopes that I would become more physically active.  As someone who learned to detest physical activity at an early age (bad phys. ed. teachers, lack of coordination and general lack of natural athleticism), I was extremely worried about working with Joey.  I had ignored my body for many years, not really caring if it did anything besides get me from point A to point B.  Of course, I didn’t like the way I looked and desperately wanted to change that, but couldn’t find the motivation to do anything about it.  I found it hard to believe that someone might actually be able to help me see physical activity in a different light, to make me understand that I am capable of being physically fit and that I might actually enjoy the process.

But Joey changed all of that.  From our first meeting until our last session, I was continually impressed by his professionalism, kindness, sense of humour, knowledge and gentleness.  I had honestly been expecting to work with a “meathead” gym guy who would be more into forcing me into various difficult positions and pushing me beyond my limits than actually helping to change my perspective on physical activity and my body.  But Joey is nothing like that.  He is extremely fit, capable and knowledgeable, but he’s also someone who has a life outside of the gym.  He understands that not everyone takes to physical activity as if it were the most natural thing on earth, which means he can then help you to understand that it is possible to change the way you think about your body and your relationship with it.  He sets achievable goals, keeps workouts varied and interesting, and can explain exactly why one exercise is valuable or why one particular muscle won’t stop hurting.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time with Joey.  I would have liked to continue working with him, however, financial constraints prevent me from doing so right now.  I look forward to a time in the future when I can return to work with him again.  I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a trainer who is more than just a meathead gym guy, especially if you are nervous about becoming physically active or think it’s impossible to do so”.

  • Melissa White

“It can be so hard to be motivated when you are working full-time and have a busy life, having Joey there helped me carve out the time for myself. Making myself a priority was the best decision I could have ever made! I look better, sleep better, and feel better- thank you so much!”

  • L. McConomy

“I was very lucky to have found someone like Joey to come train me at home.  He is well versed in postnatal training, so you are confident that you won’t hurt yourself and will get results!  That, combined with Joey’s supportive and empathetic personality, makes that hour for myself very enjoyable and very much worth it.”

  • Romina Esquenazi

“Last year, me and my partner agreed that we were ready to have our first child. Well, not quite ready; I was overweight, and I felt that this was an obstacle to having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Not to mention, the prospect of adding my pregnancy weight to the pounds I already had to loose was really discouraging. So I decided to give myself a year to get back into shape. Being 29 years old and having never enjoyed working out, or physical activity in general for that matter, I knew I would really struggle if I tried to do this alone. I met with Joey and explained my goals as well as my weaknesses, telling him I would most certainly lack enthusiasm and motivation, but that I was finally ready to put effort into this. We decided on a 6 month program with the goal of loosing 30 pounds, which would bring me back to a healthy BMI. To my amazement, I kept on track and lost all the weight I wanted in 6 months. A couple months later I was pregnant, and started pre-natal training. Even though I’m not very far into my pregnancy, I’ve found it to be a defining factor in my well being. Being tired and nauseous, it’s really easy to let yourself become increasingly sedentary. Working out has improved my energy level, and has helped me connect with body and embrace the changes that are happening to it.

Joey has been a wonderful trainer, knowing just when to push me while at the same time being respectful of my personal limitations. The routine he devised for me felt challenging yet comfortable right from the beginning, and it gradually changed as I became stronger and more confident. I now feel better than I have in a long time, and feeling I did everything I could to make this pregnancy the best it could be is priceless.”

– C. Sabourin
“Joey is an amazing trainer!!  I have trained with him off and on for a year now. He knows exactly what needs to be done. He is a very good listener and designed a program for my body type. I am fit but wanted to take it up a notch and Joey knew how to do it. His intense cardio and strength training gave me the body I always wanted. Every day and every week was so diiferent that it really worked all the muscle groups. Joey also listened to my diet needs and offered me advice which helped me in that area. He understands the needs are different for training women and he applies his knowledge realisticly. I really enjoyed training with him and have applied all his teachings into my daily exercise routine which has kept me fit and lean.”
–  Darka W.
“I saw Joey for pre- and postnatal fitness classes and appreciated his exercising program tailored to my needs and abilities. Joey is a very thoughtful and supportive trainer and always explains exercises very well to enhance understanding of how the human body works.

Joey’s classes are fun and result in increased fitness and general well-being. His motivating and encouraging style helped me to finally enjoy exercising again.”

  • Christiane H.

“I consider my training with Joey to be one of the most rewarding and valued experiences of the years that I lived in Montreal. I am grateful for having spent time learning from him, and am still inspired by his lessons and routines to this day. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend him to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and patient trainer who is passionate about his work.”

  • C. Katsiris

“I have recently been studying Pa Kua with Joey Reid…The one thing that really impressed me about Joey is his honesty and his complete dedication to teaching me this martial art..Joey is not only a great teacher but he is also a great listener as I can attest to that (I often ask him questions when we are training, and he always answers me in a positive way)…I have taken private sessions before with other fitness/Martial art instructors, but the difference is that with joey he will dedicate his time completely with you, and he will avoid distractions that might disrupt our training(Phone ringing Etc)….If anyone would like to know more about Joey and his work ethic,”

  • Lorenzo Loggia
“Training with Joey Reid has had many benefits on my health and fitness.  He designs programs specific to my needs, both targeting my weaknesses and challenging my strengths for  optimal results.  His breadth of knowledge in nutrition compliments our unique training and enhances our workouts.  It’s also a very fun environment to train in, making the whole experience very enjoyable.”
– Jasmine N.
“This being my first pregnancy, I was busy adjusting to all the changes and learning as much as I could as it progressed. After communicating with Joey via email for the first time, I already knew I was in excellent hands. What really impressed me about him was his level of training, knowledge and sincere passion for his job.
What I enjoyed the most about our sessions was the knowledge I acquired about health and the importance of being active during pregnancy. I also really appreciated that Joey explained how each exercise will benefit you: be it during your pregnancy (posture, reduce back pains, pelvic muscles to not pee when you laugh!), during labour (muscles to help you push and control delivery) and even after (ensuring you develop the right muscles “traps!” to carry a baby)! His work out routines are tailor made to your fitness level and goals and that made it really enjoyable.
I have to say, Joey’s training played an incremental role in the success of my son’s birth. I chose to give birth naturally with the support of a midwife and ended up giving birth in the comfort and security of our home without any complications. Knowing that Joey had witnessed a positive correlation between fitness and “good” births through his clients truly inspired me to stay active. I firmly believe I was given the right tools to be able to persevere through the birth process naturally.
Joey is an incredible trainer, he is approachable, easy to get along with and very professional. It makes a world of difference to be around someone who loves his job, Joey’s passion for prenatal fitness definitely sets him apart from the rest. I highly recommend his courses!”
– Teedah Hammer
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