What We Do

B-fit is a fitness training and information studio.  We offer personal training at our private studio as well as at the homes of our clients in and around Montreal.  We also provide personalized fitness programming around the world via our on-line fitness and nutrition consultations.


Joey Reid’s philosophy is that everyone should be a master of their own body.  This means that our balance, strength, stamina and power should be at an elite level while working only with your own body weight. Creating a symmetry of strength, balance and control throughout your body will not only help improve your posture and movement patterns but it will also help prevent injury and create an optimal setting for further training with added weights.  This is no easy task, and not something that needs to impede your short or long term fitness goals, but rather, something that everyone should strive for while working towards these goals.

100% of our clients come to us with some sort of asymmetry, balance or weight problem, flexibility issue , joint movement hindrance or otherwise injury.  Sometimes they know about one of them, maybe two, but almost all of our clients are completely unaware of some kind of problem that is blocking them from achieving their goals.

There is an environmental theory called the Gaia hypothesis, which proposes that all organic and non organic systems on earth are intimately connected and that each is responsible in a creating a stable environment on the planet.  The human body can be thought of as a similar work of complex systems, all of which are interdependent and all of which can be responsible for dramatic changes in neighboring systems.  As with our planet, some symptoms of instability in our bodies are more obvious than others.  A sudden pain in the neck, nagging back twinge, or odd change of gait can be what brings us to the osteopath, physiotherapist or strength coach.  But the obvious symptom is often not the source of the problem and so, rarely, the whole picture of what needs to be worked on in order to heal.  By the same token, a plateau in strength building, cardiovascular stamina and training recovery time can be symptoms of problems in your endocrine system rather than the training program itself.

The best trainers and coaches in the world are those that focus not only on climbing the peaks but also who explore the valleys.  Our evaluations and follow up programs are all built with the intention to eliminate all weakness that come to our attention.  If we can not offer a plan that heals, we can help by offering assistance in finding a professional who can.

Unless an injury or asymmetry is serious, we can usually still train overall strength or stamina, improve power movements or core strength while at the same time  look at bringing all of your connected systems back to stability i.e. fix the problem.

Our bodies are in constant flux, affected by the food we eat, the movements we carry out and the external stimuli of our environment.  Our philosophy is to master the body systems that we can, to prolong a healthy life.


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