Nutrition Consultation / Custom Meal Plans / Lifestyle Reset

Wellness is an evolving state with many moving parts

Nutrition consultation – all consults available via Skype Sessions

We take the same approach to nutrition as we do with our training programs, whether the program is designed for sports performance, weight loss, pre/postnatal fitness, etc., we take into consideration the clients’ entire lifestyle.

Wellness is an evolving state with many moving parts and it serves us better to consider each part when trying to optimize any single piece of the puzzle. This is the approach of functional medicine and while we are not doctors we appreciate this dynamic and try and use it within our own abilities.

What we can help you with –

– Sport Nutrition

– Weight Loss

– Building Muscle

– Digestive Health

– Vegetarian and Vegan Nutrition (for performance and/or for everyday health)

– Hormone Balancing

– Food for Longevity

– Fertility Nutrition

– Nutrition for chronic illness / autoimmune disease (Crohn’s, type 2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.)

– Supplementation

– Corporate Wellness

Services & Pricing

60 Minute Consult – INCLUDES –

– lifestyle review and strategic planning for nutrition and wellness goals. Based on a detailed questionnaire to be filled out beforehand in order to maximize the consult time.

* Does not include a detailed written report

– $75

Health Optimization Plan – INCLUDES –

– 60 minute consult covering entirety of lifestyle report

– Detailed written review and point plan for approaching nutritional changes

– 45 minute follow up consult to maintain nutrition goals

– $150

Comprehensive Nutrition/Fitness/Lifestyle Reset Package – This plan provides long term support to maintain commitment and accountability. INCLUDES –

– 60 minute consult covering entirety of lifestyle report.

– Weekly meal plan (for 1 month)

– Comprehensive Supplementation list to maximize nutrition uptake for health and longevity

– 4 week fitness program that matches your meal plan and fitness goals

– 3x 45 minute follow up consults

– $400

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