Killer Countdown Workout

This workout is meant to be quick but brutal.  The countdown method ensures that you push yourself each and every time you repeat it, which inspires new motivation week after week.

The Countdown – You have a predetermined group of exercises, all with the maximum number of reps for each on laid out. The order is up to you, the number of reps per set is also up to you. You just need to complete every rep before blowing the whistle. So, write the program down, keep it close and set your timer, this is a doozy.

The Exercises –

1 – One Handed Kettlebell Swing – here is a link to a decent tutorial. You should use a fairly heavy weight, about 20 lbs or more for women and about 45 lbs or more for men. Max reps – 50 each side

2 – Seated High Jumps – have a bench or stool ready, take a seat, weight center or even slightly forward. Your feet should be flat on the ground, there should be no lifting before the jump. now explode upwards into the highest jump you can do. Return to your starting position and repeat without rocking back or lifting your feet off the floor before you jump. Max reps – 50

3 – Weighted Crunch – take a 10 lb dumbbell or kettlebell. Lay in your back, legs pointing upwards, nice and straight. Hold the weight up above your  your chest with arms locked. Now crunch up pushing the weight towards your toes. Makes sure to return all the way down to the ground before repeating. Your legs should remain straight and as still as possible. Max reps – 50

4 – Skip Rope – max reps – 400

5 – Renegade Rows – here is a link to a tutorial. Use the same amount of weight as you did for your Kettlebell swings. Max reps – 30 each side

6 – Leg Raise to Hip Raise – Lay down on your back, hands by your sides, palms down or underneath your tailbone for support. Keep your head off the ground. Lift your legs until they are pointing straight up then lift your pelvis off the floor, bringing your torso up until your shoulder blades are the lowest point of contact on the floor. Return to your starting position except your legs should not hit the floor until you are finished. Try and bring them 1 inch off the floor, before raising them again. The movement should be fluid, but be careful not to create too much momentum so that your kegs go past your chest before lifting your hips. Max reps – 50

7 – Prone Jacks & Tucks – Begin in a push up position, on your hands and toes, feet together. without piking up with your butt and lower back, pop your feet out wide to the side, like a jumping jack. Now pop them back in together and then pop them inwards tucking your knees under your chest. Jump back into your starting position. That is one rep. Max reps – 80


Remember you do not have to follow this order, this workout is heavy on the legs and core, try to switch it up to give yourself a bit of a break.

Time the whole thing and keep it for next time! Now you have a baseline, something to try to surpass the next time you give this one a go.

If you repeatedly get this under 25 minutes, its time to move on to another workout. Until then, just keep pushing and remember, each repetition should be perfect.


Have fun and let me know what your time was!




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