No Weight Workout

Did a fairly intense body weight workout yesterday. The exercises we’re all pretty simple but with short breaks in between, it made for a fulfilling exercise day! This is how it went…

50 Double Unders – Skip rope – pass the rope under your feet twice per jump. I’m not great at this yet, so it takes some time. If you really can’t do it, just skip rope quickly for 2-3 minutes.

20 Hand Up Push ups – DO a regular push up but bring one arm off the floor and stretch it out in fron of you as you push upwards. You will need to lean to one side which uses the core more and puts more weight on the planted hand. You can do these on your knees if you are not ready for full push ups.

15 two foot hurdles – Forward jump over two foot barrier. You can stack some phone books or milk crates or whatever you want. You can also start with a shorter hurdle until you get more power in your jump, but make it challenging.

100 mountain climbers – Start in a push up position, bring one foot in, like a sprinters start position. now switch your foot position, back and forth, each one counts as a rep. Try not to arch your back too much as you dot it, stay long and brace your core.

50 Superman flys – Lay on your stomach, limbs stretched out, lift all of them off the floor, keep your legs still but bring your arms back and forth from out front to your sides, like a breast stroke but keeping your arms straight. I added 5 pound weights and did 20 reps.


Try to keep your breaks to 30 seconds or under.

Have fun, stay focused and keep each movement clean. Sloppy exercise is how we get hurt!



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