Houdini Workout

Take a punch like Houdini! Today’s workout is a cardio and abdominal focused program.  I am posting skip rope as the cardio exercise but you can do jumping jacks, high knees, sprinting in place, etc.

Because we are focusing so much on the abdominal muscles you may find yourself getting tired pretty quickly, don’t worry this is not a long workout…..but it gets the job done! You can take breaks between the exercises but keep it to a minimum, for example I would limit your breaks to 20-30 seconds.

2 minutes skip rope – fast

Crunch – 30-50 reps

Bicycle – 40-50 reps

Leg raises – 10-20 reps

2 minutes skip rope

Toe drag – 20-30 reps

Opposite toe touch – 20 reps

V sit twist – 30 – 40 reps

2 minutes skip rope

Ball transfer – 10-20 reps

Oblique raises – 10-20 reps each side

Rolling knee tucks – 15-30 reps

2 minutes skip rope

You can repeat this as a circuit if you are up for it!

Exercise descriptions

Crunch – just a simple crunch – 30-50 reps

Bicycle – Lay down on your back, one leg straight out, one knee bent and pulled in, bring your shoulder blades off the ground, keep your hands beside your head not behind it, elbows are bent, now bring your opposite elbow towards your bent knee in a twisting crunch movement, repeat that motion with the other side, bringing the opposite knee in towards you while twisting the other way with your opposite elbow.  One leg should shoot out straight while the other is brought in, bent, towards you.  Both legs should stay at least an inch off the floor while repeating this movement.  Keep your head off the ground as well!

Leg raises – lying on your back, brace your lower back with your hands, legs straight out, now raise them up just below 90 degrees.  Repeat without letting your feet touch the floor when you bring them down.

Toe drag – with your toes on a towel, begin in a push up position – feet shoulder width apart. bring your knees into your chest, dragging your feet on the floor using the towel as a gliding tool.  Then push them back  to your starting position.  If you dont have a hardwood floor you can just hop your feet inwards and then back.

opposite toe touch – Lay on your back, arms and legs stretched out,  bring one leg up and the opposite arm towards it, crunching and touching the toe or ankle, then back flat on the floor, repeat on other side.

V sit twist – with your feet off the floor, sit but lean back so that your torso and thighs are at about a 90 degree angle (legs straight to make it harder).  With or without a medicine ball (you can use a water bottle) twist side to side keeping the angle and your feet off the floor.

Ball transfer – Lay on your back, arms and legs stretched out. holing a stability ball in your hands lift all of your limbs up and transfer the ball to between your ankles and then return to your starting position.  Try and bring as much of your torso off the ground when you transfer the ball.

Oblique raises – begin in a side plank position and raise and lower your hips, switch sides.

Rolling knee tuck – Lay on your back, arms by your sides and legs straight but 2 inches off the floor, tuck your knees in to your chest and roll back slightly.  shoot your legs back to starting position, never touching the ground.

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