In twos workout!

This workout is interval based so you will need a stop watch or interval timer.  It is quite difficult but you can adjust the difficulty by increasing the break period or decreasing the exercise period.  If you’re up for it you can cut all the breaks out except for the longer ones in between exercise pairs, this is how it will be explained below.

There are 5 pairs of exercises, for each pair you will go through each exercise for 30 seconds, back to back for 4 rounds (4 minutes).  You should take a 1 minute break in between each pair in order to recover enough to continue!  A 4 minute interval is quite long so if you need more than a minute break, take it!  This should take 25 minutes if you do no breaks during the exercises but a one minute break in between the pairs.

Exercise pairs

1.   Mountain climber – begin in a push up position, now bring one knee in towards your chest, placing your foot on the ground.  From here you want to alternate which foot is forward.  Try to stay light on your feet and keep smooth movement.

Power jump squat – do a full squat and then power upwards into a jump.  Jump as high as you can each time and leave your legs straight rather than pulling your knees up as you jump.

2.  Press up bridge – begin lying on your stomach with your hands by your chest ready for a push up.  Press up your upper body only, then lift your pelvis and legs off the floor in a separate movement, bringing you butt up in the air and go up on your toes, like a yoga downward dog position.  now let your pelvis and legs down and then your torso.

Crab twist – begin on your hands and feet, with your arms outstretched like in a push up position.  bring your right arm off the floor and stretch it behind you, twist your torso following your hand with your eyes, you may want to turn onto the sides of your feet in order to get a full twist.  Return to your starting position and then repeat the motion on the left side.

3.  Low shuffle – Like a jump lunge, you want to begin in a lunge position and then switch your feet but instead of jumping upwards and then landing with the opposite foot forward you want to stay low and switch your feet as fast as possible without a big jump.  Try and stay as low as you can!  This one is tough!

Dumbbell diagonal swing – begin in a wide squat with noth your hands on the handle of a dumbbell of 5-12lbs (or a heavy book).  hold the dumbbell on the outside of your right knee and in a controlled motion (not too much swing) bring the dumbbell on a diagonal above your left shoulder, keeping your arms straight but not completely extended.  Switch sides after you repeat the low shuffle and so on!

4. V-sit – begin lying on your back, arms and legs outstretched, arms behind your head.  Keeping your legs straight, bring them up while at the same time bringing your torso up, arms still outstretched and try and touch your shins with your hands.  Bring your arms and legs back down in one smooth motion.

Superman flys – lay down on your stomach, arms stretched out over your head, bring your arms and legs off the ground and bring your arms to your sides keeping them off the floor.  Almost like a breast stroke motion.  Keep your legs off the ground as high as you can.

5. Get Ups – Lay down, then stand up, repeat!  Keep your feet flat on the ground so as not to roll when you lay down.  DO your best not to flop on the floor, you want a nice controlled, smooth movement.

Plyo Pop-ups – begin flat on the ground, on your stomach with your hands by your chest or shoulders as if ready for a push up.  Instead of pushing up, you want to pop up with a lot of power while at the same time bringing your legs in, in order to stand up.  So you want to pop up into a standing position in as close to one movement as possible! Return to your starting position.

You want to aim for as many reps as possible for each exercise without losing form, if you start feeling like your just flopping around, just take a short break.  If you need a break during the exercises its no big deal, just try and limit them.  Remember if you need to start taking breaks in between each exercise, like 10-20 second break is totally fine!

Good Luck!

Joey & Jasmine

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