“Try and Resist” workout

Today’s workout is simple and quick but will keep your heart going and work some major muscle groups.  All you need is a skipping rope, medicine ball and a resistance band.  You can replace the skipping with jumping jacks and if you don’t have a medicine ball you can use a stack of books, just be careful!  The key to performing this program effectively is to limit your breaks in between exercises.  We will change muscle groups every exercise so that you can keep going and we want to keep the heart rate up so push yourself (within safe limits)!  Scroll down for descriptions of the exercises.   Good luck and have fun, let us know your time and we will share ours!

Joey & Jasmine

1.  Skip rope – 1.5 minutes

2.  Elevator squats – 12-15x

3.  Medicine ball power-up 12-15x

5.  Resistance band curl 12-15x

6.  Resistance band rows 12-15x

7.  Wall-sit leg raise 30x each leg

Repeat this circuit 4-5x

Elevator squats – Begin in a full squat position, go up a quarter of the way then back down, now go up half way then back down, now go up 3/4 of the way up then back down, now all the way up.  That is one rep.  This gets hard fast so try to pace yourself.

Medicine ball power-up – begin in a push up position with a medicine ball or stack of large books between your arms.  Dip your arms only slightly and then power upwards bringing your hands onto the ball.  Then back down.  Limit the amount you bend your arms before you power up and try not to land with fully extended arms when you go back down.  You can perform this on your knees if you can’y do it on your toes.

Resistance band curl – Take the handles and stand in the middle of the band, make sure there is enough resistance and curl up.  Lower the band to full extension SLOWLY, then power up quickly into the curl.

Resistance band row – wrap the band around something sturdy, you can wrap it around a door handle (on the opposite side that is facing you and then close the door.  take a deep lunge position and SLOWLY draw in the bands in a straight line, squeezing your shoulder blade together.  Keep your back straight.  Now release them back into full extension but SLOWLY.  So both movements should be slow.

Wall-sit leg raise – Lean against the wall in a sitting position (but without a chair!)  take one leg off the floor and extend it straight out.  Now lift your leg, keeping it straight, try to repeat without letting your foot touch the floor.  Keep your hands out in front of you.

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