“Ultimate Cardio” workout

Okay, Today's workout is not a beginners workout but you can adapt it by lessening the exercise intervals and extending the break intervals.

Okay, Today’s workout is not a beginners workout but you can adapt it by lessening the exercise intervals and extending the break intervals.  Ideally, we want to strive for 1 minute exercise intervals with 30 seconds rest intervals, but don’t be afraid of cutting the exercise intervals in half or extending your breaks to a minute.  Just do your best, this is truly a very difficult workout, BUT it is over very quick maybe about 15 minutes!  You can add some exercises to it after, if you feel like you want to keep going, i’ll show you what I do after my workout.  We have added some explanations to the exercises below.  Keep track of your reps so that you can try and beat it next time.  We will post ours, later!

Good luck & have fun!


1.  Burpee (with push up)

2.  Switch step

3.  Back lunge with kick

4.  High knee slap

5.  Mountain climber

6.  Get ups

7.  Hop squat

8.  Running man

9.  Jump lunge

10.  Double high knee slap

We did 3 minute push up challenge, 3 minute crunch tuck challenge and 3 minute pull up challenge afterwards.  I’m beat!

Burpee – Begin standing, drop down to a push up position by placing your hands flat on the ground then popping both feet back (one at a time if you’re a beginner) into a push up starting position, back straight and bum down.  Do a push up and then pop back up on to your feet, reach your hands above your head and jump.  That’s one rep!

Switch step – you want to jump and do a 180 dgree turn so that your feet are now pointing in the opposite direction, repeat.

Back lunge with Kick – step back into a lunge, now lpsh up and forwards and brign the same leg into a front kick.  Make sure you kick nice and hard and high.

High knee slap – like running in place, just bring your knees up high to slap your hands which you should try and hold at waist level.

Mountain climber – begin in a push up position, now bring one knee in towards your chest, placing your foot on the ground.  From here you want to alternate which foot is forward 100 times!  Try to stay light on your feet and keep smooth movement.

Get ups – Lay down, then stand up, repeat!  Keep your feet flat on the ground so as not to roll when you lay down.  DO your best not to flop on the floor, you want a ice controlled, smooth movement.  No napping while you’re down there.

Hop squat – just like it sounds, start with a full squat (half squat if you have trouble with it) the power up into a short hop.  You don’t have to jump high just make sure you get your feet off the floor.

Running man – Kind of like the dance mixed with the switch step, begin with one foot forward in a semi wide stance, alternate which foot is forward by hopping up enough to switch legs, moving your arms as if you were running.

Jump lunges – begin in a lunge position, now hop up and switch legs into the opposite lunge.

Double high knee slap – same as exercise #4, except you want to do both legs at the same time, so jump up and bring your knees high enough to slap your hands at waist height.

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