‘Intervals 1’ Workout

Today’s workout is an interval training routine.  Like all of the workouts we will be posting here, it requires very little in the way of gear, so that everyone, with a minimal investment can choose to do these workouts from home or at the gym!

This and many of our future workouts will be time efficient and effective routines for weight loss, muscle toning/building and to improve cardiovascular strength.  They may seem very intense at first, but each program should be performed at your own pace while taking into considerations the principles of each workout that make it effective.  So just do your best and if you keep up with your exercises you will see improvements faster than you think and will be able to push yourself even more and strive for new goals!

While our in-studio personal training specialization rests with prenatal, postnatal and fertility fitness the workouts posted here will be directed mostly at women and men who are looking to increase their fitness levels, lose weight and get stronger.  New moms looking to get back into their pre pregnancy shape can follow a lot of our programs as long as your doctor has cleared you for rigorous exercise.  We recommend a 4-6 week rest period for new moms before engaging in strenuous exercise as well as to have your doctor check for diastasis recti – a tearing of the tissue in the abdomen which requires specific exercises or a longer rest period for full recovery.

If you are interested in prenatal, postnatal or fertility fitness programs and live in the Montreal area please contact us for more info on our services!  If you live outside of Montreal we also offer long distance consultations and program development!

And now to the workout!

We will be doing 4 rcircuits of 6 exercises.  Each exercise will be done for 20 seconds, with a 20 second break in between.  Each round will begin with 1 minute of full out cardio followed by another 20 second break before we begin the circuit.

cardioskip rope or jumping jacks – 1 minute

20 second break

curl to press – 20 seconds

20 second break

squat hop – 20 seconds

20 second break

push up – 20 seconds

20- second break

kneel to high knee – 20 seconds

20 second rest

crunch tuck – 20 seconds

20 second rest

lunge rows – 20 seconds

20 second rest

restart the circuit with 1 minute of skip rope or jumping jacks!

Each circuit is 5 minutes and 20 seconds long so we are shooting for a about a 21 minute workout!  That’s quick!  Is it too short? No way.  With the high intensity burst and short breaks you will be experiencing a full 20 minutes of cardio workout while implementing muscle building exercises targeting many muscle groups as well as power movements with your squat hops.  The key is to go hard for the whole workout.  While you should keep track of your reps for future reference to monitor your improvements always remember that quality trumps quantity.  Trust me, you will get tired fast so don’t force high reps at the beginning and sacrifice good form, go hard but steady.   As long as you vary the exercises from day to day, this kind of routine can do wonders for general fitness levels.  That said, everyone’s goals are different and so we will post a number of different kinds of workouts here, if the next workout doesn’t appeal to you, just redo one of the ones that does and keep checking back for new ideas!

We are having a few difficulties uploading our photos/videos, so for the time being we will be giving you written explanations for each exercise.  Train safe and train hard!  Come back soon!

Joey & Jasmine

curl to press – This is a standing, dumbbell bicep curl that leads into a shoulder press.  Begin at full extension, palms facing out, bring the dumbbells up in a curl towards your shoulders, pivot your shoulder and rotate your elbow so that your palms are once again facing out at shoulder height, now push the dumbbells upwards over your head.  Bring them back down in the same path as they were brought up.  That’s one rep.

squat hop – toes turned slightly out, keep your back straight, bend at the knees and lower yourself into a full squat (if you have bad knees or are beginning with a lot of extra weight you can do a half or quarter squat and omit the hop) then power yourself back up fast and powerful enough to lift your feet off the round in a short hop.  As your feet hit the ground bend the knees immediately and return into the squat position.  Avoid pausing between the land and the squat and avoid landing with fully extended legs, this can out a lot of pressure on the knees.

Push up – you can do these on your knees or on your toes, whichever allows you to do more reps while performing perfect push ups.  Try to keep your chin up, so that the back of your head is lined up with your spine, you want a neutral spine position.  Keep your butt low, strengthen your core as you lower yourself down and push up.  You can place your hands as close or far apart as you like, in fact we encourage you to alternate hand positions each circuit.

Kneel to high knee – begin in a kneeling position or back lunge position.  You can use a mat or pillow under your knee to avoid impact.  Use your front leg and push up off the ground, bringing your back leg (keeping it bent) upwards and in front of you as high as you can and then returning it back down to the floor in your original position.  This is one rep.  You can alternate legs each round or if you’re feeling frisky you can do one leg for 20 seconds and then add the other after your rest.  These should be preformed quickly, with powerful and clean movements, this will work on your balance and strength!

Crunch tuck – lay down on your back, arms reaching over your head and legs stretched out.  Bring your knees towards your chest as you lift as much of your shoulder off the ground.  Wrap your arms around your knees in a tuck position.  Then return to your outstretched position, this is one rep.  Eventually you will want to bring your upper body almost completely off the ground while tucking your legs inwards, but for now, if this is too hard, just focus on getting some of your shoulders off the ground and crunching into a tuck position.

Lunge rows – using dumbbells in a forward lunge position (either leg forward) , you want to bend forward slightly at the hips, keeping your core strong and you back straight.  the dumbbells should begin at either side of your forward bent knee, arms at full extension.  Pull the weights towards your chest, as if rowing and then back down to full extension.  This is one rep.  Alternate your lunge position each circuit.

The weight that you use for the exercises with dumbbells is up to you.  Remember you want to be able to keep good form while building strength.  If you are looking to build more muscle then use heavier weights and do less reps, just be safe and don’t over do it!  You can always switch weights if you find you can’t perform the exercise well enough in the later circuits.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave some and we will do our best to answer them!

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