Today’s ‘To the core’ workout


Today’s workout is a core heavy workout, we will incorporate a bunch of cardio intensive movements, some of which are also functional core exercises.  We will be mixing and matching intervals with reps, but the maximum break between each exercise should be no longer than 30 seconds.  Of course if you are just starting out, give yourself more time and do  as many reps as you can close to the amount given.  this circuit should be repeated 3-4 times depending on your fitness level.  Keep track of your reps for the time sensitive exercises so that you have a base line for reference the next time you do this workout, good luck everyone!

Half burpees – 15 reps

max 30 second rest

Bicycle – 30 seconds

max 30 second rest

Get ups – 15 reps

max 30 second rest

Superman fly’s – with 2 -5 lb weight – 15 reps

max 30 second rest

Prone jacks – 30 seconds

max 30 second rest

1 clap push up – on toes or knees – 12 reps

max 30 second rest

Prisoner squat – 30 seconds

max 30 second rest

Hyper extension on ball – 12 reps

max 1 minute rest

These 8 exercises should be repeated 3-4 times.  Each circuit should be about 9 minutes in length, so were looking at a great full body but especially cardio and core intensive workout in less than 30 minutes!

Exercise Explanations

Half burpee – Is a burpee without the push up.  Begin standing, drop down to a push up position by placing your hands flat on the ground then popping both feet back (one at a time if you’re a beginner) into a push up starting position, back straight and bum down.  Pop back up on to your feet, reach your hands above your head and jump.  That’s one rep, only 14 more to go!

Bicycle – Lay down on your back, one leg straight out, one knee bent and pulled in, bring your shoulder blades off the ground, keep your hands beside your head not behind it, elbows are bent, now bring your opposite elbow towards your bent knee in a twisting crunch movement, repeat that motion with the other side, bringing the opposite knee in towards you while twisting the other way with your opposite elbow.  One leg should shoot out straight while the other is brought in, bent, towards you.  Both legs should stay at least an inch off the floor while repeating this movement.  Keep your head off the ground as well!

Get Ups – Lay down, then stand up, repeat!  Keep your feet flat on the ground so as not to roll when you lay down.  DO your best not to flop on the floor, you want a ice controlled, smooth movement.  No napping while you’re down there.

Superman fly’s – lay down on your stomach, arms stretched out over your head, bring your arms and legs off the ground and bring your arms to your sides keeping them off the floor.  Almost like a breast stroke motion.  Keep your legs off the ground as high as you can for the 15 reps.

Prone jacks – begin in a push up position, push off the ground with your feet into a wide stance (like a jumping jack) push them off and bring them back in, repeat one more time then bring both feet in towards you at the same time, bending your knees, then back to starting position.  That is one rep!  Good luck, this one is tough!

1 clap push up – This is a push up, with a hand clap in between, you can do these on your knees or on your toes, you might want a pillow on your knees though.  Trust me, once you get over the fear of falling on your face, it’s amazing how many you will be able to do!  If you are just starting out, just do a regular push up on toes or knees.

Prisoner squat – Hands behind your head, squat down into a full squat come back up and raise one knee towards  the opposite elbow.  Don’t bring your elbow towards the knee though!

Hyper extension on ball – brace your feet on the wall as you lie face down on stability ball, you want the ball under your thighs so that you have full range of motion with your upper body.  Brace your feet against the wall, keep your hands beside your ears and raise your upper body up  into a full extension and then back down.  That’s one rep!

Have fun guys and drink lots of water!

Joey & Jasmine

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