‘Knockout’ workout

Today’s workout is a killer cardio and core based routine but you will feel in your whole body the next day!  And it will only take about 28 minutes!  You may want to do a few minutes of warm up and a bit of stretching afterwards but I leave that to your discretion.  This workout is a martial arts oriented circuit, so punch and kick hard and keep your chin down!

Each exercise should be performed for 30 seconds with a 20-30 second break depending on your cardio strength.  There will be 6 exercises in this circuit that you should repeat 4 times.  Each circuit should start with 1 minute of Skip rope, you can take another 30 second break after it if you need it.  For exercises 3, 5 & 6 just do one leg at a time and then switch legs the next circuit.  For full exercise explanations just scroll down, good luck!

Joey & Jasmine

Knock out  

Skip rope – one minute

1.  Burpee combo

2.  Switch step with medicine ball

3.  Kneel to knee

4.  Breakdance push up

5.  back lunge kick

6.  Kneel to jump knee

Burpee combo – Do a half burpee, start standing then drop down, place your hands on the floor and hop your feet back into a push up position (don’t do the push up unless you feel up for it) hop back in, bending your knees into a crouch, stand back placing one foot ahead of the other in a typical fightig stance, deliver a jab and a cross ( a punch from your front and then back hand) Thats one rep.  Try and swith which foot ends up forward so that you jab and cross alternate sides.

Switch step with medicine ball – holding a light medicine ball in front of you at chest height, you want to jump and do a 180 dgree turn so that your feet are now pointing in the opposite direction, repeat keeping the medecine ball at the same height.

Kneel to knee –   begin in a kneeling position or back lunge position.  You can use a mat or pillow under your knee to avoid impact.  Use your front leg and push up off the ground, bringing your back leg (keeping it bent) upwards and in front of you as high as you can and then returning it back down to the floor in your original position.  This is one rep.    These should be preformed quickly, with powerful and clean movements, this will work on your balance and strength!  If you want you can bring your arms into it by keeping them above your head while you kneel and then briinging them down in a fast and hard motion past your knee. 

Breakdance push up – Do a push up (on your feet) then take your right leg and kick out towards the left side, raising you left hand off the floor and to your side, alternate legs!  For beginners you can either just do the kicks while holding the push up position but not doing the push ups, and if you are up to it, bring your opposite hand up while you kick.

Back lunge kick – step back into a lunge, now lpsh up and forwards and brign the same leg into a front kick.  Make sure you kick nice and hard and high.

Kneel to jump knee – same as the kneel to knee except now you want to hop up as you knee!  This one is tough and tiring.  Be sure to switch legs in the next circuit!

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