‘Killer core’ workout

Today’s workout is a back, chest and core program.  This is a great low impact workout to do the day after an intense cardio or leg based routine.  The circuit should be performed 3 times.  We will start the workout off with some ‘sprints’ to warm up though, get the heart rate up.   Scroll down for exercise explanations and if you have any comments or questions be sure to leave them here!  Good luck and train hard!


2 minute warm up – on bike, treadmill, jumping jacks or skip rope.  get up to about 50% of full out exertion.  2 more minutes of 60-70% exertion. Now the sprints; you want to perform whichever exercise you are doing at 100% exertion and then break, the break should be a slow pace NOT a full stop.  Here is the timing

2 x 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off

5 x 10 seconds on, 10 seconds off

30 seconds slow

10 x 5 seconds on, 5 seconds off

1 minute cool down


1.  opposite raises – 15x each side

2.  superman flys – 15-20

3.  Hyper extension on ball – 12-15

4.  Push ups – as many as you can

5.  Push up onto ball – 12

6.  spring push up – as many as you can

7.  Plank – 30- 60 seconds

8.  side plank – 20-40 seconds each side

9.  bridge – 30-60 seconds

10.  Leg raise to hip raise – 20-50x

Opposite raises

Superman flys – lay down on your stomach, arms stretched out over your head, bring your arms and legs off the ground and bring your arms to your sides keeping them off the floor.  Almost like a breast stroke motion.  Keep your legs off the ground as high as you can for the 15 reps.

Hyper extension on ball – brace your feet on the wall as you lie face down on stability ball, you want the ball under your thighs so that you have full range of motion with your upper body.  Brace your feet against the wall, keep your hands beside your ears and raise your upper body up  into a full extension and then back down.  That’s one rep!

Push up – Regular push up, on knees or toes.

Push up on to ball – Place a medicine ball so that it in between your hands when in a push up position.  Start at full extension, lower down just enough to be able to hop up, placing your hands on top of the ball.  This sounds scarier than it is, you won’t land on your face, just keep confident in your movement.  If you don’t have a ball, you can use a step or just do a clap push up.

Spring push up – Regular push up, but take 3 seconds to lower your body and one to push back up.

Plank – Facing down, rest on your forearms/elbows and your toes.  Draw in your abdomen, keeping it strong while you stay still, butt down so that it lines up with your back and the back of your head.

Side Plank – Same kind of isometric exercise as above but now rest on one elbow, using the side of one foot as the base.  If this is too hard you can take your top foot and cross it over the bottom foot, allowing for a stronger, wider base.  Bring your hip off the floor and hold.  Keep your neck up too!

Bridge – now facing upwards, rest on your elbows/forearms, as well as the heels of your feet, bring your butt off the floor and hols!

Leg raise to hip raise – lying on your back, brace your lower back with your hands, legs straight out, now raise them up 90 degrees, once there, then lift your hips off th e floor, bringing your butt up and raising your feet higher.  Repeat without letting your feet touch the floor when you bring them down.

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