500 Rep Challenge

Today’s workout is a great challenge, We gave similar programs to a few of our clients this week and everyone loved it.  The idea is to finish all the exercises as quickly as possible but without losing form.  So, if you’re tired and you think you’re not completing the movement properly its time to rest or move on to a different exercise.  Keep track of the time it took you so that you can challenge yourself again later on by trying to beat your time!  I am going to write out the exercises in no particular order, it’s up to you to choose how you go about completing them.  Here is a hint: try to switch muscle groups every set you do, in other words you don’t have to complete all the reps from one exercise before moving to another exercise.

We have provided explanations of all the exercises below  If you have any questions feel free to comment here and we will be happy to help!

Good Luck! And let us know how you did!

Joey and Jasmine

500 Rep Challenge

1.  Half Burpee (no push up) – 50x

2.  Jump Lunge – 100x

3. 1 Clap Push Ups (on feet or knees) – 50x

4.  Superman Fly’s – 80x

5.  Prone jacks – 50x

6.  Head crusher – 50x

7.  Hammer Curls – 50x

8.  Get ups – 70x

Half Burpee – Is a burpee without the push up.  Begin standing, drop down to a push up position by placing your hands flat on the ground then popping both feet back (one at a time if you’re a beginner) into a push up starting position, back straight and bum down.  Pop back up on to your feet, reach your hands above your head and jump.  That’s one rep!

Jump Lunge – This is tough because each rep is equal to 2 lunges – one on both legs.  So begin in a lunge position, knees bent and as low to the ground as you can go.  now power yourself up into a hop so that you can switch the position of your legs and lunge on the other leg.  You will simply be hopping upwards not forwards or backwards, you want to land in the smae position but switching the forward foot each time.  twice is one rep!

1 Clap Push Up – This is a push up, with a hand clap in between, you can do these on your knees or on your toes, you might want a pillow on your knees though.  Trust me, once you get over the fear of falling on your face, it’s amazing how many you will be able to do!  If you are just starting out, just do a regular push up on toes or knees.

Superman Fly’s – lay down on your stomach, arms stretched out over your head, bring your arms and legs off the ground and bring your arms to your sides keeping them off the floor.  Almost like a breast stroke motion.  Keep your legs off the ground as high as you can for the 15 reps.

Prone Jacks – begin in a push up position, push off the ground with your feet into a wide stance (like a jumping jack) push them off and bring them back in, repeat one more time then bring both feet in towards you at the same time, bending your knees, then back to starting position.  That is one rep!  Good luck, this one is tough!

Head Crusher – Lay down on your back with two dumbbells, bend your knees, feet flat on the floor.  Push the dumbbells up at chest level, now bend your elbows, slowly allowing the  weight to lower toward your head.  This is to work your triceps but make your core strong and make sure not to arch your back as the weight drops, if it is arching, you might have too much weight.  You can just use water jugs or paint cans or anything else with a bit of weight if you don’t have weights. Be careful, we don’t want the name of this  exercise to become literal!

Hammer Curl – Same as a regular curl except you want to hold the dumbbells as you would hold a hammer, palms facing each other.  You can alternate or do both sides simultaneously, either way, a curl from both sides equals 1 rep! Again, water jugs or paint cans work too.

Get Ups – Lay down on your back, now get up on your feet and repeat!  Watch not to let your feet leave the floor, you don’t want to roll as you lay down, we want clean and controlled movement.

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