‘Jump around’ workout

Today’s workout is short and sweet but if you are able to complete it with little to no breaks, it will result in a full body workout that will kick your butt!  Good luck and have fun!

1.  High knee slaps  – 100 reps

2.  Pull ups – 30 reps

3.  Mountain climber – 100 reps

4.  Push ups – 50 reps

5.  Jump lunges – 100 reps

6.  Curl and press – 40 reps

7.  Squat hop – 100 reps

8.  Leg raises – 50 reps

That’s it! Just make sure to finish each exercise before you move on to the next.  Take breaks when you need them, just minimize the length.  For exercises 1, 3 & 5 where you alternate sides, each side counts as 1 rep.  Do this workout fast and you will be beat, you don’t need to train for hours if you train hard and efficiently!  Let us know how long it took you to do this one and we’ll share our times with you.

High knee slap – like running in place, just bring your knees up high to slap your hands which you should try and hold at waist level.

Pull up – regular pull up, but make sure you begin at full extension for each rep.  If you have trouble with pull ups you can place a chair under the bar and use one leg to support yourself when you need to.  Also, you can do bent over rows with some free weights if you don’t have a pull up bar!

Mountain Climber – begin in a push up position, now bring one knee in towards your chest, placing your foot on the ground.  From here you want to alternate which foot is forward 100 times!  Try to stay light on your feet and keep smooth movement.

Push up – regular push up, go low every rep and you can do them on your knees if you like!

Jump Lunge – begin in a lunge position, now hop up and switch legs into the opposite lunge.

Curl to press – This is a standing, dumbbell bicep curl that leads into a shoulder press.  Begin at full extension, palms facing out, bring the dumbbells up in a curl towards your shoulders, pivot your shoulder and rotate your elbow so that your palms are once again facing out at shoulder height, now push the dumbbells upwards over your head.  Bring them back down in the same path as they were brought up.  That’s one rep.

Hop squat – just like it sounds, start with a full squat (half squat if you have trouble with it) the power up into a short hop.  You don’t have to jump high just make sure you get your feet off the floor.

Leg raises – lie on your back, support your lower back and lift both legs, straight up and back down, but keeping your legs off the ground for as many reps as possible.  When lowering your legs bring them as low as 2 inches off the floor and when you raise your legs, aim for a bit less than 90 degrees from the floor.

Joey’s time : 28 minutes

p.s. For the curl and press exercise use a weight that is slightly below what you would normally use.

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